Expensive to look after and You are never done cleaning them and lots of parts fail with the heat.

I Have a resort so I need a pool. Private use is another question.

Cleaning the pool you need to do 2 times a week or more in Rainy Season

We can look at the Running cost and the amount you spend on products to keep the pool clean Chlorine Tablets 5 for 200 baht

Cleaning a swimming pool . Thailand Swimming pool Cleaning and maintenance.
Chlorine tablets 5 for 200 baht
Pool Cleaning materials Thailand Copper Algaecide./  UdonThani Swimming pools
Water clarifier for Swimming pools. Thailand swimming pools. UdonThani Pools
Cleaning materials can be expensive

Pool cleaners are 600 baht to 2000 baht It’s not cheap to look after a pool

Cleaning takes not so long if you have the right Tools