you have lots of up keep for a Fishing lake Unless you have lots of water to feed it. Also Fish Food is Expensive. If you have a larger lake where you can make good money then its ok.

Buy an Established Fishing lake if you can buy it at a low price

Soapy massage Hands down to make money and less problems

What is the Process of Soapy Massage in Thailand?

What is a soapy massage in Thailand?

In Thailand, a soapy massage refers to a form of massage done in a bathtub with a girl. Otherwise called a body massage, the main objective of the girl is to clean all parts of your body while still satisfying you in bed. It is a body-to-body massage that requires the girl to rub her body against yours as you relax to enjoy the massage session. In other words, her body is the tool used for this type of massage.