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Feed back from Customers who use the sleeper Train Service

The night train sleeper costs around 1000bht, leaves Udon Thani at 8:10 pm and arrives at Bangkok around 5am. Cheaper than the plane and far more comfortable. Recommended. Due to an operation for a detached retina, I was unable to fly for three months so I travelled on the day fan only and the day aircon as well as the night train. I think I’ll stick with the train.

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UdonThani Sleeper Trains

Daytime vs. Nighttime Travel

Why traveling with the Thai sleeper train is ideal

Traveling overnight by train not only is a great experience, but it’s also very efficient. It saves you time plus an (expensive) hotel stay.

Hundreds of miles fly by while you are sleeping. If all goes well, you’ll wake up in the morning feeling well-rested and still have the entire day to explore your new surroundings.

And against all expectations, we also found the Thai sleeper trains to be quite comfortable.

As the world passes by you can lie down in a clean bed and snuggle underneath a blanket. You can close your curtain for privacy so no one can see that you are wide awake – reading your favorite book, listening to music, or picking your nose – if that’s your thing.

In the morning you’ll be awakened by the rising sun shining through your curtain. Magical!

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