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Property for sale

A great Deal  1. rai of land and a new Villa for 899,000 baht  Or just buy the land for 185,000 baht. And you can build you own house if you wish. 0868 592 986

The Land is on a Slope and has no Flooding at all. A nice pieces of land just North on

the M2 Just past Nakha. 23 Klms from the City so about 20 Min if you drive slow

Welcome to Visit and take a look the Show houses are Built Ready to see inside.

7.5 Land with house photo..png



UdonThani land and property for sale. We have land and a large detached Villa for sale or Rent. The Villa has 3 double bedrooms living room and large hall. 3 WC 2 shower suites and 1 bath tub.  Parking for 3 cars.  The house sits in 1900 square meters of land.  more info to follow soon.    0868 592 986    The property is Valued at 4.9 million we will sell at 3.250,00 Bhat   The villa has marble floors and Cornice and solid wood doors  2 Kitchens as well

We have House plots for sale  160.000 baht per Rai = 1600 square meters

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Welcome to Come view our land and house for sale     call 0868 592 986

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