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Thai Stick the original

Thai stick original the best in the world before the Block from Big Pharma Now Thailand is opening it up once again.

It loves to grow in the Thai sun and loves the Moisture over night

Thai Stick | Marijuana Strain
Thai Stick is a rare 100% sativa strain that is native to Thailand and was brought over to the United States during the 70s or 80s, depending on who you ask. This bud gets its name from its unique method of smoking it – typically you skewer the buds on long thin bamboo sticks.

A Thai stick is a form of cannabis from Thailand that was popular during the late 1960s and early 1970s. It consisted of premium buds of seedless marijuana which were skewered on stems. Several rows of fiber found in the stalk of the marijuana plant were then used to tie the marijuana to the stem and therefore, keep it in place.

The History of the Thai Stick The strain “Thai Stick,” grown by the hill tribes in northeast Thailand, was some of the highest quality marijuana found in the ’70s. The hill tribes of Thailand generally used silk line to hold “Thai buds” together around either bamboo sticks or hemp stalks.

Thailand became the first country to develop its own cannabis strain specifically for the legal medical marijuana program. The cultivar is a cross between a local strain and a foreign strain dubbed Issara 01 by researchers at Maejo University. As of March 2021, Thai households are allowed to grow up to six plants.

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