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Low-Cost House Build

Building a low-cost 2 or 4-bedroom Villa the original build was 360,000 baht the Extension for 2 more bedrooms and a bathroom is 200,000 baht The Pool you can add for 250,000 Bhat ish I see some on Facebook for 199,000 baht. The Villa is a 1-month Job for 4 builders 400 baht each man per day. You will pay a small bit more for the Welders for 7 days to put on the Roof/ 700 baht per day. the Floors and foundations take no time at all to do. I have plans for 500 baht including postage in Thailand.

The 2 bedroom extension is very easy to add on at 200,000 baht

Build a low cost house in Thailand

We also built a 1 bedroom 250.000 bath good size

We can help with Info like Termite protection and DPC

We have the Drawings Ready to post today

Contact Us today for plans or info Tel 0868 592 986 or email sales@udona2z.com

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