Harbor land in Udon Thani Children play Area And Children’s Education learning. Inside the Land mark shopping mall in UdonThani 5 min from Central plaza.

HarborLand @TUKCOM Udonthani ฮาร์เบอร์แลนด์ @ตึกคอมอุดรธานี

“Harbor Land Fun” is ready to give you happiness. For everyone in the family in the theme “Cowboy Town” you will experience the atmosphere of the western city. Have fun with many different types of players.

“Let’s see what Harbor Land has.”harb1

  • Slider zones that allow children to be excited, whether they are Wavy Slider, Spiral Tube Slider, Vocano Slider, Racing Tube Slider, Niagara Slider, Roller Slider,
  • Racing zone with a player for enhancing the balance of children such as Scooter, Balance Bike
  • The Shooting Arena zone comes with a precision match against an attacking ball shooter.
  • Harbor Land Arena, football fields and indoor basketball courts. Children will exercise and learn to play together with friends. Build harmony and Sportsmanship
  • Trampoline Zone Jumping Over Besides fun Children can also strengthen the muscles that affect the growth of the body.

Play area for Children in UdonThani
  • And there are also many playing zones for children “Climb – climb – Mut – Klan – roll” to have fun filled.

  • Harbor Cafe Zone with various menus to choose from, including food, drinks, desserts and snacks.

 “Prepare to play Harbor Land.”

First, clothing will make playing more fun. Children should wear long-legged, soft fabrics, comfortable to wear.

Next, prepare the sock together. But if not at Harbor Land, there are 60 baht per pair.

This is just ready to play at Harbor Land.

See more details and follow the movement through  Harborland.

Children’s play are in Harbor land UdonThani

HarborLand @TUKCOM Udonthani ฮาร์เบอร์แลนด์ @ตึกคอมอุดรธานี

Address: 71/29 ตึกคอม อุดรธานี Udondutsadi Rd, Mueang Udon Thani District, Udon Thani 41000   Opens 10AM   Phone 065 848 1000

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