Silver was over $45oz in April 2011. It tends to move in wild bull and bear markets

Buying silver for investment in Thailand. So many places have no stock

Prices are Going up fast every month Good profits

Already is done more in the last 6 months Already

Silver physical investment, which consists of purchases of silver bullion coins and bars, is forecast to increase for the third year in a row, up by around 7% in 2020.” Silver price is projected to average $18.40 in 2020, which is 13% higher than last year, according to The Silver Institute

MTS Gold is also one of the largest silver grain supplier in Thailand. Under HR Lotus Brand, we are widely recognized by the silver industry in Thailand for providing high quality silver grain. We sell 2 types of silver grain to our customers.

1. Silver Standard Grain (99.90%)

2. Silver Premium Grain (99.99%)

We will Start selling 1 baht Baht weight bags Now 15.2 gram

We believe the next upside price leg in Silver will target $19.50 to $22.75/ozt

I like to Buy silver Grain as its Industrial Use
Silver Bars are no so expensive and easy to sell on

Silver Grain for sale 15.2 Grams in Weight or 1 baht 2 bags = 1 Oz

What does 5G network cell phones solar panels ev batteries have in common other than they are all coming on strong in the market. They all need and use silver. So sooner or later it’s going to drive silver prices up. Demand does that makes me wonder who and what is holding its price down .