Udonthani private pool Villas and pool apartments from 299 baht per night. We have 1,2,3,4,5 bedroom Units in 1 block

UdonThani Pool villas with car Rentals Under 1000 baht a day

Rent a pool villa from 599 baht per day includes Bills Super fast internet. We have some rooms from 299 baht per day

Leeya Resort has Super large Kitchen Dining room and Fishing lake. The Villa has private parking as well. Leeya Resort

UdonThani is 25 Min from the City North. We also do car Rentals from 599 baht per day. Motor bike Rentals 100 baht per day. Big Bike 250 baht per day. The Private villa has 1 double bedroom living room Kitchen and Shower suite.

UdonThani Pool villas with car Rentals Under 1000 baht a day

Super large 2 bedroom Apartments only 699 baht per day

This is a 2 double bedroom Villa we Rent for 999 baht per day

We have 1,2,3,4,5 bedroom Apartments with Super large Kitchen

Leeya resort and fishing park UdonthaniUdon Thani, Leeya Resort UdonThani private pool Villa Rental. UdonThani Accommodation · Leeya Resort Udon. 1 double Bedroom Villa with Monthly discounts – Villas for Rent in Udon ThaniUdon Thani, Thailand. Best value Holiday accommodation in Thailand +66 0868 592 986

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