Udon thani Cancer Hospital

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โรงพยาบาลมะเร็งอุดรธานี l Udonthani Cancer Hospital


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Registration area
The Udon Thani Cancer Registry covers the population of Udon
Thani province in the northeastern
region of Thailand, covering an
area of about 11 943 km.2
. It locates 564 km. to the northeast of
Bangkok. The estimated population at the year 1999 was 1 364 920.
About 95% of the population are
Buddhists, the remainders are
mainly Christians and Moslems.
Cancer care facilities
Community hospitals are provided in all 18 districts of Udon
Thani. One cancer center (Udon
Thani Regional Cancer Center) is
situated in Muang district which is
the center of the province. The
Udon Thani Provincial Hospital
and Prajaksilapakom Military Hospital is the other two large hospitals that have facilities for cancer surgery and chemotherapy. The Udon
Thani Regional Cancer Center is
the only place that provides radiotherapy services in the province.
Patients suspected to have cancer
in the health care system and community, hospitals are referred to the
Udon Thani Provincial hospital,
Udon Thani Regional Cancer Center or Khon Kaen University Hospital.
Registry structure and methods
Udonthani Cancer Registry
was established in 1999 at the Udon
Thani Regional Cancer Center, and
is funded by the Thai National Cancer
Institute. It provides treatment facilities, training and education for
health personnel in the upper northeastern part of Thailand. The registry unit has one part-time expert
consultant (Dr. Hutcha Sriplung),
a part-time doctor, 2 part-time
nurses and 2 computer statisticians
and 2 full-time clerks.

The data for the registry actively collect data on cancer cases
from two large hospitals (Udon
Thani Provincial Hospital and
Prajaksilapakom Military Hospital), one cancer center (Udon Thani
Regional Cancer Center) and passively collect cases from community hospitals, private hospital in
Udon Thani the province, and also
from the Khon Kaen University
Hospital and the National Cancer
Institute in Bangkok. The sources
of information on cancer cases are
mainly hospital and pathology laboratory records. Each completed
case notification form is checked
for duplication with computer software developed by a computer statistician of Udon Thani Cancer Registry for Thai names before entering into the database programme,
CanReg 4.
Death certificates are taken
from the Udon Thani Population
Analytical Center, all certificates
are reviewed to match with the
cases in the data base, and efforts
are made to trace further information before registering the case as
a DCO case.
Notes on data
Since it is a new registry with
high rate of DCO cases. The incidence rates of some topographic
sites such as liver cancer may be
higher than usual due to Accumulation of prevalent cases.
Use of the data
The registry has provided annual reports of cancer incidence by
site, gender, and district in Udon
Thani for the years 1998-2000. The
Udon Thani Provincial Health Office
uses the data to develop strategic
plan for cancer prevention and control in vicinity of Udon Thani province.