Thai Rath reported that a 5,000 rai area of military land in the Sakon Nakorn area of Thailand is being eyed for growing ganja.


Authorities are expected to soon be given the go ahead after the Thai government indicated that the drug would be declassified for medical use.


The government wants a slice of the pie as many places around the world have made the drug legal.


Prapat Panyachartrat of the National Farmers Council said that his organisation was involved in developing the crop.


He said that the plant grows well and was a natural plant to the area before it was made illegal. Conditions in the north east of Thailand make growing conditions ideal.


A plot of military land has been chosen and the Farmers Council are to hold talks in February about developing the site in the future, said Thai Rath.


The nature of the land would not just be good for growing the plant. It could be easily controlled by the military too, they said, with ganja expected to have a high market value.


Farmers’ expertise was important in producing a quality crop, said the media.


Public health officials would not be drawn on the possibility of when the laws would be amended for medicinal use or if and when the drug might even be available for recreational use.


Thai Rath said that directives from the Thai ministry issued on January 6th indicated that the law was about to change.


Source: Thai Rath