This is a hugely attractive visa for anyone looking to invest in Real Estate In Thailand. There are no age restrictions, and it offers the right to anyone willing to invest 10 million Baht ($280,000 USD) into the property, government bonds or an account in a Thai bank – or any combination of the three. The stipulation with this visa is that holders are not allowed to earning a wage while in Thailand, but should get an unlimited right to stay here, providing they follow the rules on renewing their visa annually. Prior to 2006, the amount required to obtain an investment visa was just 3 million Baht ($84,000 USD) – holders of this original visa still currently have the right to stay in Thailand.

Thailand Investment Visa

The Investment Visa in Thailand is obtained through a process of visa approval and monetary investment into the country. Firstly the applicant must obtain the relevant visa (typically a non-immigrant (B) visa) which allows entry into the country. On entering the country the applicant must then invest 10 million baht into the economy in order to be eligible for a one-year investment visa and have a right to stay in the country. The investment of 10 million baht will allow the applicant to apply for a one-year extension of stay as a result of his investment, however, that investment must have been maintained and managed in Thailand for a minimum of 3 years.

Type of Investment applicable for an investment visa:

  • 10 million Baht deposited into a long-term savings account with a government bank
  • A new condominium purchased from a Thai developer for a minimum of 3 million baht
  • 10 million baht invested into government bonds

Conditions to satisfy under the Investment Immigration Program

  • The applicant must establish a limited company or partnership in a listed company
  • The applicant must purchase real estate
  • The applicant must purchase national bonds or bonds from the stated business enterprise
  • The applicant must have a minimum of 10,000,000 baht as a fixed savings deposit for a minimum or a 3 year period
  • The investment items must be audited by the Thai Immigration department or investment department

Once the applicant has invested the nominated amount into a relevant project, they will then receive the right of permanent residency in Thailand. Permanent residency in Thailand enables the applicant to pass in and out of Thailand freely. After 3 years of residency and maintained investment in Thailand, the applicant can become nationalized and as a result, is not required to live in Thailand. Any changes to the applicant’s investment must be notified and approved by the immigration bureau otherwise the one year permit will be revoked.


The Thai Investment Visa can be renewed on an annual basis assuming that the individual still meets the criteria mentioned. There are no age limitations with the visa unlike the retirement visa, which requires individuals to be aged 50 years or over. This opens the door for younger investors to look at the opportunities that Thailand has to offer.
It is always wise to conduct your due diligence and make sure that you meet all the criteria for the visa and are likely to qualify prior to transferring any funds to Thailand. As a lot of documentation is required, we strongly advise employing the services of an immigration lawyer to assist.



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