Aloe Vera plants for sale World wide large or small amounts

We are in Thailand

We have many plants for sale Smaller size plants at 30 baht each.

Lager plants start at 50 baht each

We can ship all over the world at cost price\

Before you buy please ask for price for delivery you are best buy more plants as its more economical to post more than just 1 plant. Agreed

+66 0868 592 986 Collection in Thailand no problems at all

We can supply large or small plants

Aloe Vera Baby Plants 4” in Size

Aloe Vera Baby Plants 4'' to 6 '' in Size. Shipping is included in the price. Buy in Bulk and we will lower the shipping price. The basic plant is only $1 each Shipping it the high cost. When we send 5 or more plants the price will be $5 for the 5 plants plus shipping costs at cost price.


Aloe Vera Baby Plants 10” in size

Aloe Vera Baby Plants. We can offer for only $1.50 if you buy more we can offer Cost price shipping. We include the shipping in our prices for samples. We can advise Shipping prices for more than 5 plants all over the world. +66 0868 592 986 We are based in Thailand at UdonThani Country club check us out on Google maps